The Hatch Shell, Boston, MA

Hatch Memorial Shell
Boston, MA

Notter, Finegold & Alexander, Inc., 77 North Washington St.- Boston, MA

General Contractor
TLT Construction Corporation 200 Broadway Suite 306 - Lynnfield, MA

Preservationist Preservation Technology Associates, Inc., One Washington Mall - Boston, MA

Comm. of Massachusetts - D.C.P.0. One Ashburton Place, Room 2140 - Boston, MA

Steve Rosenthal

Honor Award  

Terrazzo Contractor
DePaoli Mosaic Company
126 Magazine Street, Boston, MA

Description: Boston's famous Hatch Memorial Shell serves as the stage for the open-air concerts presented by the Boston Pops Orchestra on the Esplanade at the Charles River. Originally opened in 1940, the shell had a Rustic Terrazzo Finish by DePaoli Mosaic Company on the exterior of the dome because the cost of polished granite was prohibitive. When it was time to replace the dome (the roof system below the Rustic Terrazzo was leaking), the cost of polished granite was once again prohibitive and Rustic Terrazzo was chosen once again. There are also twelve different colors of Terrazzo on the interior including Field, Accent, Border Base, Wainscot, and even including several Ceilings.

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