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Brass divider strips in lieu of white alloy of zinc or aluminum A pattern that includes multiple colors Wider (1/4”+) strips in lieu of 1/8” Smaller panel size (2’ x 2’) in lieu of larger (10’ x 10’) Color changes in Terrazzo topping.  Thus, a checkerboard pattern is more expensive because of the increased number of linear feet of change Narrow (6” or less) feature strips Narrow corridors cost more than wider corridors Diagonal divider strip are more expensive than orthogonal, and curved strips are the most expensive Marble chip sizes larger than #2 (3/8”) Premium aggregates (e.g. glass, mother of pearl, and metal, etc.) A higher-than-standard finish (above 200 grit)

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Many factors go into the overall cost of Terrazzo.  Below is a list of some of the common features that may impact the price of Terrazzo.  If you have questions or require additional information please contact us at