There are 6 major types of terrazzo.  These are:
Sand Cushion Terrazzo Epoxy Terrazzo Bonded Terrazzo
Monolithic Terrazzo Polyacrylate Terrazzo Rustic Terrazzo
Regardless of type, all Terrazzo include 3 basic elements:
Terrazzo can be created using an infinite number of  matrix & aggregate  combinations to achieve any color or texture.
MATRIX The matrix is the binder that holds the Terrazzo together.  There are three types of matrices: Epoxy, Cement, and Modified Cement.  Epoxy Terrazzo offers an unlimited color palette and aggregate choice while cementitious Terrazzo systems are limited to neutrals and pastels utilizing primarily marble chips.  Most Terrazzo installed today is epoxy Terrazzo.
AGGREGATE Aggregates are mixed with the matrix to achieve the distinctive texture of Terrazzo.  Crushed marble chips are traditionally used.  Glass, mother of pearl, recycled plastic, recycled porcelain, and even more expensive options are available at an additional cost.
DIVIDER STRIP Divider strips fulfill a functional need in Terrazzo, providing pour stops and controlling movement, and can also be used as a design element.  Strips are available in Aluminum, White Alloy of Zinc, Brass, and Colored Plastic.  Each style strip is available in a number of standard widths from 16 gauge (1/16”) up to 1/2”.
... can transform the look of terrazzo.  Conversely, altering... ... the matrix color can cause an equally dramatic change.
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Terrazzo consists of marble, mother of pearl, glass, plastic, or porcelain chips (the aggregate) in a resinous matrix, Portland cement, or modified Portland cement. The Terrazzo is poured, cured, ground, and polished and is typically used as a finish for floors, stairs and walls.  For more detailed information on Terrazzo systems, please see our “Technical Information” page.

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The texture change that results from simply altering the aggregate size ...